Old Songs

by Apres Vous

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Old Songs basically started as a group of sonic experimentations...not that its an "experimental" EP, but each song had a premise. This is the first release i've ever put out myself!


released May 1, 2008

Everything performed, engineered, and mixed by Rob Parr at home EXCEPT:

Drums engineered by Jon Johnson at the Pop Machine/Tackle Box/Whatever-He's-Calling-It-Now in Cuyahoga Falls.

Piano recorded at Galahad Studios in Bedford Heights

Misc Percussion recorded at the Aurora High School band room



all rights reserved


Apres Vous Aurora, Ohio

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Track Name: Erik's House
You dont mean a single word that you say
but you say them anyway

when you try to sleep do you toss and turn all night
like a storm on the ocean so wide
and i dont care that you say you dont dream of me anymore
i dont care where you spend your nights

when you ran away were you sure that you'd stay gone?
and when you found your new home did you forget where you'd come from?

I have heard you say that the world is just in the hands of love
and i have watched you fall from your place so high above

when you try to sleep do you toss and turn all night
because you're sleeping with a lie
i dont care that you say you dont dream of me anymore
i dont care because i dont want to be a part of your life
Track Name: The Stranger
Try to find your feet, and just walk right out of here
and you'll try to be discrete, so they wont notice
but they'll watch you leave
please take only what you plan to keep
you cant hide what you wear on your sleeve

So hurry home to clean your teeth
brush off that blood from a bitten tongue
When you lie down to go to sleep
the whole room breathes

Now there's a stranger in our house

Now theres a stranger in our house
and I dont know a way for us to make it out

its not the time and its not this place
its the way the stairs have grown
and they halls that they will haunt are
the most traveled but least known
the only way outs the way you came
Track Name: Sleep Song
When you run from that tangled web they weave
an aching lung for each breath that you breathe
and your legs are too tired to hold you up
your endurance is expired, its time for sleep

When you lay down that heavy head
do you find yourself in a lonely bed?
we're never quite as tired as we think

when you wake from that nightly rest
do you find yourself out of breath?
do you wonder why you never dream?
Track Name: Untitled
We are built like a grudge made of brothers and sisters
We all try to breathe underground
We have built our house out of wishes and blisters
We are young but we live alone
We will spill from our mouths all the rain of the world
While I drown in my father's faults
And we will bend, till we break, the back of the beast
and we shall feast upon his thoughts

They say the rain knew what we'd say in the face of truth
So it came to wash us all away

I am a hungry prayer and I do not dare step outside to dine
I am in reverse, and I am cursed to live outside the lines of time

They say the rain knew what we'd say in the face of truth
so it came to wash us all away
They say the world threw a wrench in the gears of those
who are so alone, with only a blistered hand
To rub the back of the night

so what if it rains all the time